Inside the Mind of a French Pastry Chef

“One of my main goals is to bring intense emotions to the people,” says Elise Lepinteur, a French pastry chef for L’Éclair de Génie in Paris.

In this insanely aesthetically pleasing video by AmnesiArt, Lepinteur takes us inside the world of the French pastry chef. Run by pâtisserie maestro Christophe Adam, L’Éclair de Génie is famous for, you guessed it, their incredible eclairs. But the work done in Adam’s studio goes far beyond your standard chocolat or café flavor options. In typical French fashion, each and every item made by Adam and his génies is a personalized, handcrafted work of art. With flavors ranging from pistachio with sour cherry to milk chocolate praline, each one contains the perfect combination of classical knowledge and fresh innovation.


Listen to Lepinteur talk about how Paris inspires her in her baking, and enjoy the mouthwatering moneyshots of her drizzling Pollack-esque blasts of chocolate on cakes and painstakingly placing pansies on frosting-laden choux.