Inside the Makeup Bag of a French It-Girl

At the time, Jeanne Damas has 728,000 Instagram followers. This French It Girl is a model, photographer, and founder of the fashion label Rouje. From her Instagram, it would appear that her life is one never-ending glass of wine on a Parisian balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Her effortless Parisian style has made her the darling of ever fashion magazine, with so many of them asking the same question: “What’s your secret?”

In this video by Australian makeup vlogger Matilda, you can see every lipstick and moisturizer that Damas uses on a daily basis. Painstakingly researched through interviews with Vogue Paris, GQ, and more, Matilda shows and tests every product so that you can see exactly how Damas gets those berry-red lips and dewy skin. Well, genetics and diet might play into it a little. But it’ll get you closer to that chic look than you were before.


To watch Jeanne shop for the products herself, check out this video with Vogue.