How To Support And Enjoy French Businesses In New York During Quarantine

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The COVID-19 crisis has done the impossible: turned New York into a ghost town. Businesses are scrambling to keep up with new restrictions, and citizens are stuck in their homes while spring unfurls outside. But it doesn’t have to be all bad news. A number of French businesses have begun offering free delivery and discounts, as well as streaming their services, in order to encourage people to purchase their products. Here are just a few of them.

Women’s fashion company Sézane is offering free delivery, and 10% of their sales will be donated in support of French hospitals.

The Manhattan restaurant chain Boucherie is offering 20% off if you call for delivery or pickup and mention the code word, “Neighbor.”

The language center Coucou is now offering French courses online. Use promo code “COUCOUONLINE” for 50% off group classes and private lesson packages.

Ladurée is offering nationwide shipping on all macarons, pastries, and other treats. They’re also streaming cooking videos of their chefs showing you how to make some Ladurée favorites at home.

The Francophone bookstore Albertine is waiving their $50 minimum for book orders while their brick and mortar shop is closed, and will be continuing their usual events via a Virtual Book Club.

Those in Williamsburg and Greenpoint might call up the wine experts at Sauvage, which is offering free delivery in the neighborhood, as well as a bonus roll of toilet paper with every order.

Luxury menswear company Cremieux is offering 25% off online orders, with the tagline, “Stay safe and shop from home.”

French Morning has launched an operation to allow all French and Francophone merchants in the United States to make known to our readers the ways in which they can help them: ordering online, donations, gift card purchases, etc.

If you are a merchant, fill out this form. The list above will be updated continuously.

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