How To See Star Wars: The Force Awakens Two Days Early

A EuroCorps Cinemas stormusher.

A month and a half before its release, Star Wars, Episode VII has already trounced records for pre-sale tickets in the United States and the United Kingdom. In many cases, the tickets were just for showings on the stroke of midnight on Friday morning—the earliest anyone is going to see the film. Well, not quite: France, unlike every other country where The Force Awakens will bow in December, releases movies on Wednesday, not Friday. Enter Air France.

Banking on the rapacious appetite of American fans for the new, JJ Abrams-directed Star Wars, the French airline is offering airfare/movie ticket packages for anyone who wants to see the movie two days earlier. There are currently only four flights planned—two from New York, and one each from San Francisco and Los Angeles—and the cheapest option from the cheapest point of origin costs about $1,300. You can rid yourself of your apparently very disposable income on Air France’s website.


It’s unclear if the deal includes popcorn. If not, you can effectively double the price of the flight.