How to Open a Bottle of Champagne Like a Pro

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Opening a bottle of Champagne requires dexterity and caution. First, gently remove the coffret, i.e. what covers the cork, the capsule (mental top) and the wire hood. On principle, the wire hood that covers and holds the cork should be removed completely, but it may be useful to simply untwist so it’s loose and leave it there, as it makes the top easier to hold. It’s a little like putting chains on your tires when it snows. Then, grip the cork firmly in one hand, and with the other hand (the dominant one), turn the bottle at the base.

It’s easier to do it this way, because you have more strength this way than if you were to do the opposite of holding the bottle and twisting the cork. During this whole process, it is advisable to direct the bottle towards a wall and in any case never to aim it at anyone. A cork can travel at nearly 200 kilometers per hour and injure someone. A cork shot in the eye is one of the most frequent domestic accidents, according to insurance companies. Finally, keep the Champagne glasses close by… sometimes the bubbly can escape from the bottle faster than expected.


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