How To Make The Best French Hot Chocolate

Whether you’re still looking up turkey recipes or have skipped straight ahead into Christmas decorations, now is the perfect time for a cozy winter beverage, French style.

In this video, Angela, i.e. the Parisienne Farmgirl, invites you into her beautiful rustic kitchen to show off her recipe for chocolat chaud, or hot chocolate. Just add one cup of milk to 3.5 oz of high quality chocolate, the darker the better. She uses Scharffen Berger, but a nice French chocolate would do you just as well. Heat over low heat and stir until you get that good, creamy texture, then serve with Chantilly (unsweetened whipped cream).


If you’re looking to take yours en terrasse, Angela recommends Le Select in Paris (though Angelina’s is, of course, a classic).