How to Make Fantastic French Wine At Home

Microbrewing isn’t just for your annoying friend in Brooklyn with the 1940s handlebar mustache anymore.

In this video, Alex Gabriel, YouTube darling and the world’s most exuberant French chef, takes on the challenge of trying to make his own fantastic French wine at home. Not weird cellar wine, not two buck chuck, but genuine quality vin rouge. In this series, French Guy Cooking outlines the time-consuming yet ultimately rewarding (if all goes well!) process of making wine, from choosing the right grapes to ensuring the fermentation process doesn’t take a nasty turn.


So, for any aspiring vintners in the room, this video is for you. And even if you’d rather buy a $10 bottle of wine than shell out for a full stock of winemaking equipment, you’ll enjoy watching Gabriel fuss over his creation like your mom over the Thanksgiving Day turkey. And who knows? Maybe this adventure is just crazy enough to work.

Looking for something tasty to soak up that basement brew in your belly (or just something less time-consuming)? Check out Gabriel’s video on Three Ways to Make French Toast.