How To Make Choux Pastry Dough For All Kinds Of French Pastries

Every baking nerd knows that when it comes to the world of “sugar, butter, flour,” French pastry is King Arthur’s sword–not all can pull it off (or out), but those who can are more or less invincible.

Luckily, there are chef vloggers like Chef Stephane at the French Cooking Academy who are here to teach you the baby steps of pâtisserie française. And one of the easiest building blocks is choux pastry, the foundation of countless French pastries from the eclair to the Saint-Honoré. The most basic version of a choux pastry are the little cream puffs known simply as choux (or profiteroles in English), which can be filled with buttercream, pastry cream, or a chocolate ganache. But before you can stuff, you must puff, and that is where this simple, helpful tutorial comes in.


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