How to Make a Parisian Sunset Cocktail

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Le Perchoir isn’t your typical Parisian bar. And its signature cocktail, the Parisian Sunset, isn’t your typical apéritif.

Le Perchoir’s name, which means “The Perch,” isn’t an exaggeration. This rooftop bar in the hip 11th arrondissement sits seven floors up, exactly one higher than the average six flights in your standard Haussmann-era apartment building. And that one floor makes all the difference, giving patrons stunning views of the Parisian skyline, and sunsets like this.

In this video, JJ Goodman, creator of the London Cocktail Club, shows us how to make a Parisian Sunset, Le Perchoir’s signature champagne cocktail. It has the three C’s of Parisian booze: cognac, Campari, and champagne. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a wistful contemplation of the Sacré Cœur from your bar stool.

If you want to further test your beverage mixing skills, take a look at Goodman’s other videos, including this one of an absinthe cocktail from Paris’s famed La Fée Verte.

(And FYI, the average shot glass is about 45 mL, so when he says to add 30 mL of something, eyeball it to about two-thirds of a shot.)

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