How to Make a Classic French Omelette

If you’re not familiar with Jacques Pépin, then you need to watch more cooking shows from the 90s.

The man, the myth, the culinary legend literally wrote the book on French cooking technique. It’s called “La Technique,” and it’s still one of the most revered cooking manuals of all time. Every chef trained in the French style is, in some way, a student of Pépin, even if they’ve never met or even seen the man.


So what does one of the greatest chefs of all time consider the ultimate test of a man’s culinary skill? The not-so-humble omelette. Now, this is probably not the kind of omelette you’re used to from your local diner. Less crispy than the modern American version and with its own very distinctive shape, this classic French omelette is a difficult one to make. So who better to take on the challenge than our favorite culinary daredevil, Alex Gabriel?

In this week’s episode of French Guy Cooking, watch Alex’s eggs go from scrambled to scrumptious as he attempts Pépin’s perfect omelette.