How to Know You’re Dating a French-Canadian Woman

They speak French… or a variation of it. They are French… like, kind of, genetically speaking. They eat a lot of poutine. You guessed it… they’re Québeçoise.

In another funny and irreverent video from Dating Beyond Borders, get a little slice of what it would be like to date a woman from Montréal, Québec City, or Gatineau. The short answer? Someone who’s low-maintenance, can drink beer and watch sports with the guys, and isn’t afraid to make the first move when it comes to romance. Oh, and don’t forget that Québeçois accent, mocked by Mainland French and adored by monolingual Anglophones.


Sure, there are a few stereotypes in the mix. You can’t expect every girl from every country to act the same way. But sometimes a few common tricks can go along way to preparing the unsuspecting “new foreign boyfriend.” Even if he’s just from Toronto.

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