How to Form Complex Sentences In French

If you’re a beginner in French, or even if you’ve been studying the language for a while, it can sometimes be difficult to form long or complex sentences in French.

This is a simple, yet important problem to overcome. When asked what you did last night, you don’t want your response to sound like, “I went to the movies. I went to the bar. I talked with friends. It was fun.” Sounding stiff and awkward like this will only make you wish you had actually stayed home. Ate dinner. Went to bed.


This video will show you how to use connective and contrasting words like, “while,” “however,” and “despite” to make your sentences sound more fluid and less like you’re an android programmed by a French five-year-old.

And, for how to sound even more like a French speaker, learn some native-speaker vocabulary, phrases, and filler words.