How To Eat Your Way Through 48 Hours In Paris

Some travel video channels focus on what’s on the itinerary, what’s on the runway, or what’s on display at the Louvre. But TOPJAW only cares about the good stuff: what’s on the menu.

Follow Jesse and Will as they try to cram as much gourmet grub in their faces as possible over the course of two days in Paris. Breakfast opens the day at Du Pain et des Idées (a classic French patisserie) and Holybelly (“the most un-French place you can go in Paris”). “The best coffee in Paris” goes to the uber-hip Fringe, while the award for most extra cocktail goes to the truffle margarita at the Hoxton’s hotel bar. And, being the in-the-know trendsetters they are, the boys visit not one, but two speakeasies–one airplane-themed, and the other hidden behind a door shaped like a washing machine.


You can find a map of every spot visited in this video right here. Strapped for even more time? Cut this one in fourths and check out your 12-hour guide to Paris.