How to Dress Like a Parisienne

It’s summer in Paris, which means the tour buses are unloading visitors by the thousands with their fanny packs, t-shirt tans, and Eiffel Tower earrings.

Avoid looking like the tourist you are by following these style rules to help you dress like a Parisian, courtesy of Erin at Busbee Style. The main tenets are simple: dark wash or black jeans, a basic white or black shirt, and probably a pair of white sneakers in the vein of Stan Smiths. You can also opt for a Chelsea boot or some ballet flats if you want to dress it up, but the sneakers will actually be a pretty good idea if you’re walking a lot. If there’s a bit of a chill, stay warm with a black moto jacket, tan or black trench coat, or black blazer. Keep your makeup and jewelry minimal, and splurge on a high end bag you’ll wear every day.


You’re all set! No more sniffs from snooty waiters judging your outfit when you walk into a restaurant. Well, at least until they hear your accent.