How to Apply Your Makeup to Get the Perfect French Look

Some French makeup tutorials will go over the litany of oils and creams that French women use, or what shade of red lipstick suits every skin tone.

But this video by beauty vlogger Alyona Yarushina of Aly Art takes a slightly different approach, talking about the way French-style makeup shapes the face. Alyona explains how to use a blended eyeliner look and how to apply mascara (vertically, not horizontally) to create the small, bright eye look. This contrasts with the finger-applied red lipstick, which accentuates a larger top lip (think Jeanne Damas). And the face is left uncontoured, to be used as a blank canvas on which the eyes and lips shine.


Looking for more examples of how to get a simple, classic French makeup look? Check out this video where model Emily Ratajkowski gets some help from a French makeup artist before hitting the town.