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Behind the Scenes at Ladurée: How They Make Macarons

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Sweet-lovers, watch out. This video might be too much for you.

Harper’s BAZAAR went to Ladurée, the French pâtisserie famous for its macarons, to see how these puppies get made. The answer is tantalizing. Delicate dollops of rose-flavored frosting, buckets of unbaked meringue, dainty pink ruffles around the cookie base… *wipes away drool*

The popular French treat has been around since the 16th century, when Catherine de’ Medici reportedly brought it with her from Italy. It was later popularized when two nuns opened shop to sell the delicacies in order to survive during the French Revolution. The recipe as it exists today was invented in the 1830s and popularized by — you’ll never guess — Louis-Ernest Ladurée, who started serving them in 1862. It takes a lot of time to achieve this kind of perfection, and the effort shows.

For those of you brave enough to attempt your own macarons, you can find a tasty recipe here, courtesy of The Spruce. Good luck, bon appétit, and in the meantime, enjoy the #foodporn courtesy of Harper’s BAZAAR.

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