If Paris Fashion Week were Narrated like a Nature Documentary

Twice a year, when the stars align and France-bound flights descend into Charles de Gaulle, a magical convergence of strange and brightly-colored creatures occurs. This phenomenon is known as Paris Fashion Week… Or so that’s what would be said if fashion week were a nature documentary.

In this mockumentary produced by W Magazine, we follow the stunning and sometimes absurd displays of street style that occur in the world’s fashion capital. Against the backdrop of the streets of Paris, models, designers, and everyday fashionistas (ahem, “butterflies”) parade their style both on and off the runway, while “clickers” buzz about them with a fervent, contagious energy. Consider yourself lucky if you spot the “subject” with “an unbroken iridescence, that is unknown to any other species” (re: Anna Wintour).


This video, directed by Aaron Christian and written by Michael Albo, is both clever satire and irresistible eye candy, and pokes fun at anyone who has ever had the privilege of having a love affair with fashion, regardless of which side of the camera they were on.

Whether you think of yourself as a “Successful Francois” or more of a “Binoche-ish” breed of Paris butterfly, this video will remind you that Paris Fashion Week gives us an excuse to make the world our own catwalk.