How Much Does 20€ Get You In Paris vs. Rome?

When planning a trip abroad, money is, unfortunately, always a factor. Though it’s tempting to hit those major, big bucks cities, sometimes you really just want to go wherever you’ll really get your money’s worth.

Luckily, YouTube travel vlog duo Damon and Jo like to do things like test exactly that. In this video, Damon and Jo show you what it’s like to go out into the world with only €20 in your pocket. The only difference? Damon is in Paris, and Jo is in Rome. Each with the mission to eat, entertain, and transport themselves without running over the limit. And though both of them did make it out without going too much over their €20 goal, it’s a little bit clear who had the better time… at least when it comes to food. And let’s be honest, that’s half of the fun (and cost!) of traveling in a new city.


If you want more insight on which city is less likely to break the bank, check out Damon and Jo’s challenge to see what $20 (or 20€) will get you in New York vs. Paris.