How Artsy-Hipster Parisians Really Dress

French style is known for being “classic,” and relying on “the basics” and “simple, well-made clothes.”

In other words, it can be a bit boring. Jeans and a white button-down every day might work if you’re Caroline de Maigret, but the rest of us need a little more color if we’re going to turn heads. This is why Shayna Klee, an American transplant living in Paris, decided to interview young, stylin’ Parisians to see what they wear, where they shop, and what they think their style says about them. Some of the big brands seem to be Nike, Zara, H&M, and, of course, fripes, aka thrift stores.


While this is definitely a very specific sample group, it’s interesting to see how people on the fashion margins of Parisian society explore different looks while maintaining a trademark Parisian confidence that makes every boulevard feel like a runway.