How French Are You?

So, maybe you’ve spent a semester abroad in Paris. Perhaps you WWOOFed around the South of France for a few months. You might even be a permanent resident halfway on your way to citizenship.

But how French are you really? Do you get frustrated when someone tries to start a conversation with you on the metro? Would you get angry if a colleague scheduled a meeting during your glorious two hour lunch break? How do you feel about cheese whiz?


In this video, vloggers Damon and Jo revisit this Buzzfeed quiz to find out: À quel point êtes-vous Français? And watching these two near-fluent American Francophones banter in French is absolutely hilarious, although depending on how you score, their reactions might hit a little too close to home. Having taken the quiz a second time (and probably assuming himself to be a straight-A student as always), Damon is flabbergasted to discover that he is exactly as French…

As Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris.


See if you fare any better, and don’t forget to comment on your scores.