How Far Does 5€ Go in Paris?

Though everyone strives to save that extra centime for a rainy day, sometimes you’re down to your last few bucks. And in an expensive city like Paris, those last few euros make all the difference.

In this video from language channel Easy Languages, our host Rita interviews people on the streets of Paris to find out just how far 5€ can take you in the City of Lights. The emphasis of the channel is, “to help people learn languages through authentic street interviews.” Which is why it’s fun to get to see all different kinds of Parisians answer the same question… and you’d better believe their answers vary enormously. Though the general consensus is, “it’s really not a lot,” some seem to stretch that money farther, coming up with more unique answers, from the basic “baguette” all the way to “used refrigerators.”


So if you’re strapped for cash, check out this video for ideas on how to get the best bang for your buck in France. And if all else fails, there’s always the boulangerie.