WATCH: The Real Deal about Bastille Day

Even though Bastille Day is a French national holiday, it’s widely celebrated in the U.S. as a day devoted to all things French. But how is the holiday actually celebrated in France?

First of all, if you ask a French person about “Le jour du Bastille,” you’ll get some confused looks. Instead, the French go à la 4th of July, and commonly call the holiday July 14th, or “Le quatorze juillet.” The more formal, official title is “La fête nationale,” or “the National Holiday.”


In this youtube video, French vlogger Géraldine Lepère of the youtube channel “Comme une Française” (“Like a French Woman”) explains the authentic, French way to celebrate Bastille Day. She will teach you about the real traditions and history behind the holiday, and the current day celebrations in France. Check out her video above to learn more.