Hear from Incoming French President Emmanuel Macron… in English

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French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron made it to the second round of France’s presidential election, despite not being part of either of the two major French political parties.

At the beginning of the campaign, the “centrist” candidate who described himself as being neither left nor right was a bit of a mystery to voters. He was a new face, he had a new party, and he was different than what they were used to.

But now that he’s going up against the far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen, Macron has come out strongly on some important issues, like his ideas for stimulating the economy and France’s place in the European Union.

Strongly against Le Pen’s “Frexit” idea and previously a finance minister under current President François Hollande, Macron has a more neoliberal economic strategy. He does not want to leave the EU. In an interview he did in excellent English (not his first time showing off his English speaking skills), Macron said that post-Brexit, he would be “tough on the British Government.”

Catch more of the interview in the video above.

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