What Happens When Fox News Asks the Jersey Shore about Bastille Day

It’s one of those rare videos that can make people laugh and cry for the exact same reason—the answers are so wrong. Feeling inspired by President Donald Trump’s trip to France, Fox News journalist Jesse Watters filmed a segment where he asked Americans a few basic questions about Bastille Day and Franco-American friendship.

So where does one go in the tristate area to ask people willing to go on TV about Bastille Day? The Jersey Shore. If there were a list called “People Who Didn’t Anticipate Discussing History and Foreign Relations on July 14,” adolescent beach-goers would easily be at the top. Though who can be sure that the French would be much better with American history? (Here’s hoping that it would be the same for them!)(No offense, France, but we can’t be the only country not to know about an ally’s national holiday.)

Trump was invited to France for Bastille Day by French President Emmanuel Macron in honor of the 100th anniversary of the US’s entrance into World War I.