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This Gorgeous Ad Shows Two Sides of Paris

This isn’t at not at all a promotion for Puma, but the latest “Puma France” advertisement is undeniably stunning.

“Silence et Frenesie” is a short film advertisement which aims to show both the silence and the frenzy of Paris (and to show off Puma clothing of course, but I wasn’t really paying attention to that part). Switching between clips of a cool, early morning run through the city where there are no cars, no people, and no craziness, and clips of the city during rush hour, when it’s alive and buzzing with people, the film purposefully highlights the dichotomy of Parisian life, which can be both busy and serene at the same time.

One thing that Parisians are known for is taking their time, even when things are bustling. Whether that’s by taking an early morning run, having un café at a sidewalk cafe, or strolling through one of the city’s many parks, slowing down is an essential part of Parisian life.

Check out the gorgeous footage of our favorite city:


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