Gilets Jaunes Numbers Drop Dramatically In 16th Week

The protesters known as the gilets jaunes made their 16th appearance this week, bringing this saga in French history close to its fourth month.

But according to euronews, the yellow vests haven’t exactly been bringing the heat lately. Even though 5,600 of the protesters took to the streets around France this weekend, the early protests back in November were topping 300,000. Support for the movement has dropped since French president Emmanuel Macron announced a series of “Grand Debates” that will allow everyday French people to personally air their grievances in town halls around the country. And though not everyone expects these debates to be helpful, the effects the protests are having on businesses and civilians — in addition to the anti-Semitic hate crimes that have accompanied them — has become more than a lot of France is willing to put up with.


The Grand Débats are expected to go on for the next two months. This Saturday, the world will see just how many tried and true gilets jaunes are left on the front lines.