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Get This Brigitte Bardot French Look

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All of us have, at some point, wished we could look like Brigitte Bardot. That elegance, that style, those Queen Bee-stung lips…

This video by Lily Jarlsson won’t be able to give you all that. But it will at the very least get you in the ballpark. This episode of her retro makeup and style series shows you how to get that quintessential 1960’s French look, the one that says, “Chanel who? I just threw this together before my elegant day of carousel riding and casual espionage.”

The eighth video in her series, each of which looks at a different country and time period, does not just contain style secrets, but also — inexplicably — a whole lot of fun facts about France. Did you know that France has more Nobel Prize winners for literature than any other country?

So if you’re looking for something timeless and chic (and want to learn a little trivia doing it!) then pull out your baby blue eye shadow and don’t forget to mascara the bottom lashes — it’s as Brigitte would have wanted.

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