Gad Elmaleh Remakes Cowbell Sketch on French SNL

Yes, apparently France has started its very own Saturday Night Live. Which airs on Thursdays.

Led by French comedian Gad Elmaleh, France’s Saturday Night live promises to have “the French touch,” which apparently means having it air no any other day but Saturday. But also it means inviting some of the best French comedians and actors such as Kev Adams, Malik Bentalha, Marc-Antoine Le Bret and Vincent Desagnat.

Of course, the French SNL is also paying homage to some of the classic American SNL skits. (Or as Elmaleh says, “We stole them.”) One of these is the classic Cowbell skit, which American comedian Will Farrell made famous. It’s a skit that will go down in history as one of the most funny moments of SNL.

The French SNL recreated it, garnering some negative reactions from Americans who are too attached to the original version.

See what you think:


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