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French Workers Win “Right To Disconnect”

France is known for making laws that will ensure the health and happiness of workers, such as long yearly vacation times, and now they have added another law that will protect people from overworking themselves.

The “right to disconnect” is France’s latest labor law, which allows workers the right to not answer work emails and phone calls after work hours. With increase of technology in the workplace in the last decade, such as laptops and smartphones, it’s easy for workers to feel compelled to answer work emails when the notification pops up on their phone in the evenings after the workday is done. This new law gives workers the ability to simply ignore those emails and keep on watching Netflix (or eating their long, delicious French dinner).

The point of the law isn’t to make people work less, but to help people spend more time with their families, or relaxing and taking care of themselves. In the long run, happier and healthier workers makes for better productivity.

Maybe this is something that the United States should consider:


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