French Word-A-Day Blog is Super Charmant

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While a French major at Arizona State University, Kristi Espinasse went on study abroad in Aix-en-Provence, met her future husband, and decided to uproot for good.

Alongside books about French culture for American expats, Kristi also pens the delightfully Julia Child-esque blog, updated weekly from her family’s vineyard in the south of France. Each post features unique French vocab words, woven into the context of her personal experiences. Reading her stories offers readers a taste of the good life in Provences, as well as useful tips on speaking and pronunciation. She even includes recordings of each word, read by son mari. 

In this latest post, Espinasse explains the word “pouponner” (to dote on or look after), through the story of preparing her “quirky French house” for a visit from her American family. To distract them from the lack of a clothes dryer or garbage disposal, Kristi offers the novelty of a bidet. She also prepares lessons on  showering en français.

“Sit down. Hold extendable shower nozzle over your head until drenched. Set down nozzle. Suds up and hurry up. Hot water is limited!”

If you’re interested in French culture and the language that brings it to life, French Word-A-Day is a fantastic blog to explore.



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As any American expat will tell you, there are some big differences between life in the US and la vie en France. Of course, both the US and France are diverse countries, with strong cultures and rich traditions that vary from region to region.

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