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WATCH: #Everydaysexism / #Sexismeordinaire

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Picture a little boy looking at a poster displaying the presidents of the United States. Every single one is a woman. The boy sighs. How could he ever fill a woman’s shoes? That’s the genius of Buzzfeed’s “If Men Were Women” video.

Now picture a man out for a walk. While innocently strolling along, he is catcalled by a group of women in the street. He tries to defend himself, and is shoved into an alley and assaulted. Later, the authorities add insult to injury by asking what he wore at the time of the incident. This gender-reversed reality is brought to you by the French short film, “Majorité Opprimée” (“Oppressed Majority”).

The topic of feminism is on fire in both American and French culture. As American women are encouraged to #leanin, French women rally around #droitsdesfemmes. Both videos flip gender roles, to show the injustices women experience on a daily basis.

Check them out here:






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