Why These French Voters are Choosing Macron

Emmanuel Macron is the youngest candidate in the French presidential race; no one expected him to do as well as he is.

Recent polls show Macron as being the most likely to go against Marine Le Pen in the final round of voting.


What’s interesting about Macron is that he is running for president unattached from any existing political parties. In case you don’t know how French politics works, France has many more political parties with actual power than in the U.S. And while you can run with the main parties, Le Parti Socialiste, Les Républicains, and Le Front National, it’s also possible to run independently.

Macron is running on his own party that he created, En Marche!, and for a while many were wondering what exactly he stood for as a centrist candidate with socially left leanings. He made the news when he called France’s colonial history a crime against humanity, and he also is known for valuing innovation, even calling on American scientists to leave the climate change-denying U.S. president and move to France.

CNN recently interviewed some Macron supporters to see why they’re voting for him. Check out the video above to learn why.