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French Toast the French Way

A close up of a slice of pizza

The French contribute, to put it mildly, a lot to culture. In fact, perhaps the only things the French are more famous for than their cultural contributions are those attributed to them falsely. Take New Orleans’s French Quarter, for example, or the infamously un-French French fries.

One of these misnomers is the subject of today’s video by French chef Alex Gabriel, whose fun, quirky mannerisms and passion for food make him a culinary favorite over here at Frenchly. In this video, Gabriel (also known as French Guy Cooking) goes over three different versions of the breakfast treat known as pain perdu, or “lost bread” as it translates — also known as, French toast!

The first, or “classic” version, is about what you’d expect, with a few key pointers on bread thickness, timing, and keeping it simple. The second is a clever vegan version replacing eggs and milk with bananas, almond milk, and coconut oil. The final one might just send you over the edge with Gabriel’s oh-so-fattening calorie-dense guilty pleasure French toast.

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