French Singing Duo “The Pirouettes” Releases Debut Album

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The shamelessly quirky French singing duo The Pirouettes released their debut album under their own label this month, called “Carrément Carrément.”

Vicki Chérie and Léo Bear Creek originally met at their high school in Annecy, France. With an undeniable chemistry, they started The Pirouettes, creating music that takes a nostalgic look at love and life. Their use of techno pop sounds and their lyrics that can sometimes read like love poetry creates a throwback sound, while simultaneously being extremely refreshing and new.

After several EP’s, The Pirouettes finally released a full album which continues their tradition of nostalgia. Their songs, like “2016 (En Ce Temps-Là),” which contemplates life as a young person in 2016 and “Soleil rare” which discusses modern love with an 80’s futuristic music video–all neon pinks and greens–flow seamlessly together. Even though the album has consistent style and themes, each song has its own sound. Put the album on shuffle and you’ve got one chill playlist.

While their songs aren’t traditional in any sense, Chérie and Bear Creek portray love like only French musicians can. In their song “L’escalier,” the duo dance like high school sweethearts as they sing, “la lune brille pour toi” (“the moon shines for you”). Watch the music video:


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