New French Law Bans Smartphones in Schools

French kids might soon have a hard time Googling answers to test questions under their desks, because a new law has been passed that will ban the use of smartphones on school campuses.

Though a milder version of this law has been in place since 2010, previously cell phones had only been banned during class time. Now, phones will be outlawed even between classes and during mealtimes. Though this is a policy that certain individual schools have adopted in the U.S., the idea of it being adopted wholesale by an entire country is astonishing in a time when everyone’s iPhone is holstered to their hip, ready to be whipped out, at all times.


This intense policy was actually one of French president Emmanuel Macron’s campaign policies, and stems from a fear that kids are developing “screen addiction” or something called “nomophobia.” But practically speaking, since phones were already banned during class time, this law will likely change little. But it does speak to Macron’s chosen role as France’s strict new stepdad who will ground you, mister, and he’s not bluffing.