Classic French Makeup Look and Skincare Tutorial

That glowy, effortless beauty all French women are born with is just a miraculous innate phenomenon, right?

Well, not exactly. Sure, Caroline de Maigret and Catherine Deneuve are stunning examples of minimalist cosmetic theory, but even the simplest cosmetic theory is just a theory to begin with. Every look has a method behind it, and this video could answer a lot of your questions about how even the most basic French makeup look requires a lot of time and a lot of products. At least, as far as Australian beauty vlogger Tina Yong is concerned.


Tina uses this video, inspired by a recent trip to France and sponsored by French cosmetics company Bioderma, to show you how to pull off a beautiful, natural French look with a bold red lip to spark things up. Be prepared to learn about a whole lot of new moisturizing techniques, and don’t be afraid to cheat a little if you don’t feel like going completely au naturel.