French Guy Cooking Makes Chocolate Like a True Chocolatier

Most of us are content to grab a half-eaten Hershey bar from last Halloween and shove it down our gullet for a good chocolate fix. Most of us are not Alex Gabriel.

Chef Alex, known from his YouTube channel as French Guy Cooking, is a major hit on the web for his experimental recipes that range from vegetarian steak tartare to making his own wine. In this series of videos, Gabriel explores the world of the chocolatier, using couverture chocolate as a base to create something new and delicious. After a first failed attempt with baking chocolate, Gabriel switches to couverture chocolate, which is what chocolatiers actually use, and uses the “Sous-Vide” technique to temper it. The process of tempering chocolate requires modifying the temperature by heating an airtight bag of the stuff using a bath of water. It is a time-consuming and delicate scientific process, and if anything goes wrong, your batch will be destroyed.


Lucky for Chef Alex, the chocolate came out perfectly, and when you see the finished product, you too will be saying, “Oh la la la la la la.”