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Soccer Star Éder Lopes Aces This Quiz About France

Ederzito António Macedo Lopes, also known as Éder, isn’t from France. But, since he plays for the French football team Lille OSC, the Portuguese footballer has picked up a lot of French knowledge (not to mention the language). So, he may not have been born in France, but according to this quiz of general French knowledge, Éder is pretty French.

Except when it comes to knowing the names of cheeses. Or classic French singers. But beyond that, he knows the capital of Champagne, which station in Paris will take you to Lille, and the exact price of a pain au chocolat (something even a French presidential candidate didn’t know a few weeks ago).

Unfortunately, all that knowledge went out the window when Éder accidentally thought the 14th of July, France’s Independence Day, was the Fête de l’Huître (Festival of Oysters). C’mon, even I knew that.

Check out Éder’s French expertise, and then take the quiz yourself:


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