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French Filmmakers Travel The World To Find Hope In New Documentary

A couple of people that are standing in the grass

Protests in France have been escalating, highlighting a political discontent that has swept the nation in the last year. But French actress Mélanie Laurent and documentary filmmaker Cyril Dion decided to look at the future with optimism as they began a search for solutions to global issues in their new documentary “Demain.”

In the documentary, Laurent and Dion travel the world to find communities where people are working together to solve ecological, social and political problems, and succeeding.

“There are solutions,” narrates Laurent in the film’s trailer. “And if we give it everything we’ve got, if we all join our forces and hearts, we can all start to change the world.”

The film was released in December and has done amazingly well in the box office, with nearly one million viewers, record-breaking for a documentary that was mainly crowdfunded.

So far “Tomorrow” has only been shown in France, however it gained the attention of international viewers since it won the 2016 César award for best documentary film. I know I’ll be keeping my eye out for when it hits theaters in the states!

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