10 Hilarious French Feminist Memes


With their signature razor-sharp sarcastic wit, the feminists of France are making powerful statements about equality.

For your edification, pleasure and outrage, we at French Morning English Edition have curated (and translated) the crème de la crème of French feminist memes:

1. Gaston – the Original Mansplainer:

“The problem with women is that they don’t understand feminism as well as I do.” –Humour féministe


2. Gender Inequality is Child’s Play:

“Ah! That explains our different salaries!” –Info Chalon


3. Guaranteed to Raise a Smile, In Spite of the Anti-Cape Lobby:

“It was never a dress.”  –Hellocoton

never a dress

4. One Small Step for Woman, one Giant Leap for Womankind:

“Any time you feel stupid, remember- there are still people on Earth who think your way of life depends on your genitals.” –Humour Feministe

sur terre

5. Grammar Jokes Never Go Out of Style:

“What do you call a salary that is 25% less for the same job? Response: unE salariéE (a feminine salary).” – Osez le féminisme osez_le_feminisme_2_m

6. Role Reversal is the new Role Play:

“Don’t touch my car! Men don’t know how to drive! #IfWomenSpokeLikeMen” –Buzzed voiture

7. I’ll Have My Mysogeny Shaken, Not Stirred:

“I think you’re confused, allow me to mansplain it to you…”      –Les Glorieuses


8. Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Household Appliances:

“‘Thanks for the flowers, dear, but I’d rather you vacuum.’ Still today, women do 80% of domestic tasks. Equality now!”    –Bellattitude


9. Or, for that matter, Happy Valentine’s Day:

And also from Bellattitude: “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”


10. Double the Standards, Double the Fun!:

To the three women: “You ALREADY have a child?” “You don’t want children?” (“I’ll try someone else.”) “You don’t have children?” (“At that age? That’s weird.”).

The man being interviewed: “And that’s my oldest on a pony…”

Interviewer: “Ah, children!” –RMS News






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