French Electro Duo Polo & Pan Schedule 19 U.S. Concerts for This Fall

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Attention Polo & Pan fans: the French electro-pop duo is returning to dazzle their North American audience. They’ll have 19 stops on the U.S. leg of their tour, stopping in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, and Philadelphia, between September 12 and November 15.

Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpance, together known on stage as Polo & Pan, are two DJs and electronic music producers, who have been electrifying French and American audiences with their dreamy and vibrant music styles, marked by smooth lyrics and exotic melodies.

Their album “Caravelle,” released in 2017, was an atmospheric escape. The songs “Canopée,” which launched the duo into fame, “Pays Imaginaire,”  and “Cœur Croisé,” also penned by the two friends, showcase the signature enchanting, airy qualities of their music.

Concert Schedule

September 12, Boston, MA – tickets here

September 13, New York, NY – tickets here

September 14, Philadelphia, PA – tickets here

September 15, Washington, DC – tickets here

September 17, Chicago, IL – tickets here

September 18, Minneapolis, MN – tickets here

September 19, Denver, CO – tickets here

September 20, Boulder, CO – tickets here

September 20-23, Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful Festival – tickets here

September 24, Seattle, WA – tickets here

September 25, Portland, OR – tickets here

November 5, Detroit, MI – tickets here

November 6, Atlanta, GA – tickets here

November 7, Miami, FL – tickets here

November 9, Houston, TX – tickets here

November 10, Dallas, TX – tickets here

November 11, Austin, TX – tickets here

November 13, Los Angeles – tickets here

November 15, Oakland, CA – tickets here

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