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French Election Results: Macron vs Le Pen

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On Sunday, April 23rd, eleven candidates faced off in the French presidential election’s first round of voting. As recent polls predicted, centrist Macron and right-wing nationalist Le Pen finished at the top, with 23.86% and 21.43% of the vote, respectively. The two will move on to the second round of voting on May 7th where the candidate with the majority of votes will become the next president of the French Republic.

Among the defeated candidates are conservative Francois Fillon, who finished third with 19.94% of the votes as his polling had suggested he would. Far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon came in a close fourth—also as indicated by earlier polling—with 19.62% of the vote. Benoit Hamon, representing the Socialist Party, underperformed his polls by receiving only 6.35% of the vote.

The six other candidates vying for the presidency all finished with below 5% of the vote. The Washington Post summarizes the tone of the upcoming run-off race and rise of Le Pen in the video below.

Featured image: Stock Photos from Guillaume Destombes/Shutterstock

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