French Chef Dominique Crenn Announces She Has Breast Cancer

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“I feel both scared and humbled and yet not alone.” In a poignant Instagram post, Dominique Crenn, the famous French chef who was the first woman in the United States to be awarded three Michelin stars, announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Posted with a smiling photo of herself, Crenn’s message is hopeful: “I will be in my kitchen as much as humanely possible because being there, engaged in my craft, and with those I love so dearly is what fuels me.”

Faithful to her usual messages surrounding feminism, Crenn used the announcement of her illness to support women: “For all the women who have been on this journey before me and now with me, my heart is with you.” She included the statistic that one in eight women is effected by breast cancer. Not only a way to show support to those suffering that they aren’t alone in their fight against breast cancer, the post was also a way to raise awareness of the importance of screening for the disease.

The Breton expat in San Francisco earned her trifecta of stars thanks to her restaurant Atelier Crenn, opened in 2011. Always looking for new projects, the chef also opened Le Petit Crenn in 2015 and more recently Bar Crenn in March 2019.

Since sharing the post, Crenn has received hundreds of messages of support from the world of gastronomy and its admiring foodies.

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