French Cheese Blindfold Taste Testing

Could you tell which cheeses are “French ou Faux” without seeing the label?

Vloggers Damon and Jo test their palates in this “French Friday” video. Boursin, brie, and camembert are all on the menu. But so are less bougie options — you know, the kind of cheese “real Americans” are supposed to eat, like things from Wisconsin filled with nuts or cheese that is more “French style” than actually French. There’s even a curveball in the form of vegan cheese!

Blindfolded, these brave soldiers venture their best guesses, all while drinking expired Portuguese wine out of glasses the size of their heads. An experience one might call a little less French, a little more “French style.” As always, their laughter is contagious, and their bilingual antics keep us waiting for the day we find our own perfect partner in linguistic crime to make videos and travel the world with.