French Artists pay Tribute to David Bowie

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As musicians from around the world mark the passing of David Bowie, so are the artists of France. Here’s what they’re saying about the inimitable Thin White Duke:

“Sadness that David Bowie has left us. Goodbye, friend.”


A photo posted by @marioncotillard on Jan 11, 2016 at 12:20am PST

“In honor of David Bowie and in the name of his brilliant courage, let’s all be heroes from now on.”


Shy’m quoted the same “Quicksand” lyrics on Instagram, but didn’t do the work of Aladdin Sane’ing herself.


L’homme qui venait d’ailleurs est reparti mais une étoile, même noire, ne meurt jamais… Sa lumière sera toujours sur notre chemin…✨✨

“The Man Who Fell To Earth has left once again, but a star—even a blackstar—never dies… His light will always guide us…”

Daft Punk haven’t said anything beyond the usual beeps and sweeps, but here’s David Bowie wearing one of their Tron helmets and doing the Heroes pose:



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