This French Artist Is Trying to Hatch Chicken Eggs

French performance artist Abraham Poincheval is trying to hatch chicken eggs with his own body.

Previously known for living inside of a rock for a week, living in a glass bottle, and other performances of the sort, Poincheval is now onto the newest part of his recent exhibit, and will be sitting on a nest of 12 chicken eggs, incubating them with his own body heat, until they hatch. Wrapped in blankets to keep warm inside of a glass box in a museum, Poincheval sits, waiting, as museum-goers come and observe.

Nearby, in the rest of his exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris, is the rock that he lived in, now split open, for people to look at.

The question of whether or not his attempt to hatch the chicken eggs will work is up for debate. Scientists say, the baby chickens will most likely die before they hatch because human body heat is not warm enough, no matter how many blankets Poincheval is wrapped in.

However, Poincheval is totally dedicated, and only allows himself a 30-minute break from incubating every 24 hours. The project is expected to last 3-4 weeks.



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