French Artist Fights For LGBT Rights… By Letting People Touch Her Belly

In France, gay marriage has been legal since 2013. But LGBT people are still in a battle for equal rights. One aspect of this battle is reproduction. Assisted reproduction is forbidden for single women and lesbian couples. Women who wish to have children have to go to a clinic in a different country. Not only that, but if a French doctor gives even an address or a phone number of a foreign clinic to a woman wishing to have assisted reproduction, he or she could go to jail for 5 years.

French artist Émilie Jouvet is trying to raise awareness of this issue. Jouvet creates films that highlight issues within the LGBT community as well as feminist issues. In her latest project, Jouvet is filming people touching her pregnant belly and talking about pregnancy, family, and the stigmas that surround motherhood, specifically Queer motherhood.


Viceland’s Ian Daniel participated in her pregnancy project and talked to Jouvet about her hopes for the future of equality in France: