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France’s Eurovision Entry was Definitely the Best

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Eurovision Song Contest, the longest running international TV song competition that is usually just referred to as Eurovision, may have been won by Portugal, but France’s submission was indisputably better.

This year, France’s Eurovision song was by French singer and songwriter Alma, who has not only a great voice, but the creativity needed for a great Eurovision entry.

Born in Lyon, the 28-year-old singer published one of her very first songs back in 2009. She has one full album out, called Ma Peau Aime.

Her Eurovision song, called “Requiem” is a beautiful composition about love, strength, femininity, and the ebb and flow of life. In the music video, Alma traverses the streets of Paris, singing the lyrics “Love is born, love dies/Tonight I’m finally not afraid/I know that I will love again.”

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