France Takes In A Pair Of Endangered Sea Otters

Do sea otters get jet-lagged?

After a 5,600 mile flight from Alaska to France, two sleepy sea otters were to the Oceanopolis sea life center in the city of Brest in northwest France last week. The pair, named Matchaq and Tangiq, will be a part of a show at Oceanopolis which hopes to raise awareness about endangered sea creatures. Sea otters, which are native to the north Pacific waters, continue to be endangered despite a hunting ban which has helped to replenish some of their numbers.


The two otters were rescued and cannot be released into the wild because they are cared for in captivity. However, they provide a unique chance for people in France to get to see the fascinating (and adorable) creatures hunt, play and swim, and to raise awareness about the importance of the environment and caring for endangered species.

See Matchaq and Tangiq swim playfully after their long flight: