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France Opens World’s First Solar Panel Road

French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Segolene Royal, officially opened the world’s first solar panel road last month in Normandy.

The road is 1km long and covered in photovoltaic, or solar energy converting panels, which convert energy to power the street lamps along the road.

“These are French patents, this is French manufactured by the factory here so people can talk with those who use it,” said Royal, high lighting the fact that Paris held the UN Climate Conference COP21, and that the world was watching France lead an example in climate innovation.

“The success of the energetic transition and the climate fight will be permitted by a technologic jump and innovation,” said Royal.

Critics say that the road, while being very inventive, has one extreme drawback: the cost. The 1 kilometer road in Normandy cost $5 million to build.

Watch the grand opening of the world’s first solar road in Normandy:

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